Wayne Himelsein | About

President and CIO of Logica Capital Advisers Wayne Himelsein makes use of a trading strategy he has been refining for over a decade to chart the hedge fund’s path. While working as a Proprietary Trader for the Carlin Group in the 1990s, Mr. Himelsein noticed that many of his colleagues traded using systems that focused on a particular type of metric, and that each of them performed well in some markets and poorly in others yet all made money over time. Wayne Himelsein decided to combine 12 carefully chosen indicators into one grand algorithm that evaluated market conditions and changed the weighting of the indicators accordingly.

After testing each indicator individually and the model as a whole, Wayne Himelsein started trading, did very well, and eventually left his job to start his own asset management firm. He has since run several investment vehicles, including the HM Ruby Fund, which had over $300mm in assets at it peak, and refined his original algorithm, particularly improving the short side of the model. Today, Mr. Himelsein oversees the team responsible for managing Logica Capital Advisers’ portfolio, directs the fund’s research and development team, and works with investors around the world.

Outside of finance, Wayne Himelsein serves as President of Informed By Nature, a nonprofit science foundation he founded in 2004. He sees the organization’s role as providing “PR for science” and encouraging people to participate actively in science themselves. The organization’s main project—the website InformedByNature.org—provides high-quality science-related media and practical advice while seeking donations to pro-science causes. Mr. Himelsein founded Informed By Nature in part because he credits much of his own success to his passion for science.


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